Our clients

Our clients are medium- and large-sized European enterprises active in developing countries and economies in transition, or plan to source, produce or sell goods in such countries. Ensuring product quality, increasing environmental standards, social conditions and workplace safety at the origin of the value chain are important issues.

DuniaNet is a global network of sustainability experts with its headquarters in Germany. We develop suitable sustainability concepts jointly with our clients, that are integrated in core business processes.

The values and current sustainability efforts form the basis of our support. We consider the unique challenges faced in the respective countries. If so requested, we write grant applications for public co-financing that are in line with your CSR-strategy.

The improvements achieved will be integrated in our clients sustainability reporting and will thus make these efforts clear and transparent.

At DuniaNet, we analyze reputational risks and develop priority lists on what needs to be done first in order to improve production. Upon request, our experts prepare sector-specific audits or support the development of a specific audit protocol.


We support companies in a wide range of economic sectors across the globe. Here are some of our references:

Project country



Brazil  Aria Technologies (France)  air quality monitoring
Cameroon AWAS International infrastructure (water)
China Brugger industrial magnets
China Hollingsworth & Vose filter media
China Deutsche Telekom ICT
Germany WALA Heilmittel cosmetics, pharma
Ghana Nooyen agriculture
Liberia HELOG Academy technical training
Mexico Tetakawi (USA) offshoring production