DuniaNet is an international and multi-disciplinary network of sustainability experts coordinated from within Germany. Each expert has focal countries and regions and will provide additional professional networks to new project. This allows identifying experts and local coordinators based on personal recommendations.

When adding the foreign country experience of all our consultants, you arrive at a three digit number, mainly stemming from projects coordinated in developing countries and emerging economies.

This is a list of those countries with particular good contacts.



South America and the Caribbean

Cameroon Bahrein Argentinia
Côte d‘Ivoire Bangladesh Bahamas
Ethiopia China Brazil
Ghana India Costa Rica
Kenya Myanmar Guatemala
Nigeria Philippines Jamaica
South Africa Sri Lanka Mexico
Tanzania Turkey Saint Lucia
Uganda VAE Suriname

Before accepting any assignment, we activate our contacts in the target country and identify suitable subject matter experts and regionally experienced project coordinators. This is a service we can also deliver in Eastern Europe and some of the Pacific island states.

Contact us, if you wanted to produce more sustainably in an overseas destination. We are happy to support you.