DuniaNet is a network of experts from different professional backgrounds. Our current group of consultants has deeper knowledge and practical experiences in the following economic sectors:

  • civil and electrical engineering
  • foodstuff production
  • tropical and subtropical agriculture
  • chemical industry, extractive industries (oil, gas, mining)
  • water purification, distribution and wastewater treatment
  • consumer goods and textile
  • recycling

As a network of sustainability experts, the consultants and partner firms each have their own professional networks and good personal contacts to other professionals in the respective countries and regions. This allows us to assemble competent tasks forces for specialized topics and plan and coordinate their contribution in our clients’ activities and processes.

The scope of projects that DuniaNet consultants have designed and co-implemented - given the recent formation of the network mainly in past employment or assignments - is demonstrated in the following sample projects. Clients are typically European companies that produce outside of Europe and aim at improving occupational safety, operational environmental protection and social standards:

  • electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) recycling in Africa
  • organic solvent substitution in Chinese textile production
  • sustainable tuna fisheries in Sri Lanka
  • technical welding and cold metal forming techniques for heavy equipment mechanical engineering in Vietnam
  • oil spill assessment and management for an oil producer in Nigeria
  • sustainable production of banana and passion fruit in Guatemala
  • energy-efficient building in Serbia

Public grant co-financing was mobilized for most of these CSR activities integrated in core business activities of European companies abroad.