As a global expert network, we offer auxiliary services in implementing sustainability strategies, if and as required. We can

  • identify and include local experts and partner institutions,
  • liaise with local and national government (for example when local training institutions are requested to modify their curriculum to improve technical training)
  • plan and implement stakeholder dialogues
  • plan and conduct trade missions
  • provide advice in selecting suitable labels or audit standards

We are aiming at anticipating future trends. It is our goal to provide advice to prepare our clients for future demands, contribute to buffer risks before new legislation in producer countries or the European Union leads to losing suppliers or customers.

A specific area of concentration of our work is to provide expert knowledge in operational environmental protection and occupational safety. In many instances it is possible to achieve significant improvements by simple measures and targeted training and awareness building at the local level, or by investments in new technologies. These improvements often contribute to product quality and result in a comparatively small per unit cost-increase.

DuniaNet is your partner for sustainable production in developing countries and economies in transition.