Companies with a lot of experience in grant financing and human resources available for such topic may not require our support in administrative and substantive reporting.

In addition to the acquisition of grant co-financing, we offer all other companies a reporting package, consisting of the following services:

  • Harmonization of our clients’ individual financial monitoring system with the requirements of the grant co-financing institution via a simple relational database tool
  • A short training of all stakeholders (book keepers, project managers) at the client in order to ensure cost effective flow of receipts in line with our clients’ demands
  • Continuous monitoring of project expenses and cost distribution to project and detect deviation from the planned budget and liaison with the grant co-financing institution as required.
  • Compilation of all financial and substantive reports required for project administration (interim reports, final report).
  • Compilation of all receipts that have been logged in an electronic and paper copy format for handover to the chartered auditor for closure of the project

Do not hesitate getting in touch with us, we are pleased to make you an offer.