Grant applications

Some consultancy companies ask their clients to write a proposal, which they then improve. Not so with DuniaNet.

We offer full service allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business. Our experts capture our clients’ specific challenges and objectives in a given supply chain in a first inception meeting with the relevant executives.

Our experts, based on their many years of experience in international project management will than develop a project concept in line with the policies of a selected grant co-financing instrument. After careful consideration of all comments by the client and his final approval, we will submit the project concept for an indicative assessment.

DuniaNet supports the subsequent steps in the application procedure and will compile all necessary project documents. We do this on a success fee basis only and thus take some risk. Should the proposal not be accepted, no costs will result for our clients.

The applicant and contract partner for the grant co-financing agency will always be the industrial company. Upon request, we will take over the liaison with the agency. All decisions on project content will remain within the authority of the grant applicant - i.e. our client.

This method has proven successful.