Expert identification

DuniaNet is a global network of sustainability experts. Each of these experts has an individual network of colleagues, academic contacts and professional affiliations.  This extended network allows us to identify CSR experts covering a wide range of topics and countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Pacific.

Thanks to our partner organizations we are able to involve relevant experts on founding a local subsidiary or overseas office, on building distribution networks or supply chains taking local specifics and cultural aspects of the destination country into consideration.

Many of the DuniaNet sustainability experts are former staff members or consultants of the United Nations, in particular of the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP. This allows us to establish and maintain functional relationships with government representatives and local training facilities in the producer countries and with other institutional actors, such as the local chambers of commerce.

We are pleased supporting you in identifying relevant experts for the success of your sustainability strategy and we will coordinate the involvement of local experts as required. Tell us about your planned activities and we will assess, which experts are particularly beneficial to your plan.