Goals and Values

Our goals

Jointly with our clients, we aim at contributing to a more just, environmentally-friendly and responsible globalization:

  • We contribute to our clients’ market success through credible CSR projects - this will increase the sustainability and durability of improvements achieved.
  • We mobilize public grant co-financing for improvements along the value chain starting at the origin of supply chains in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe - in a wide range of sectors.
  • This is how we reduce our clients’ risks for reputational damage stemming from inappropriate working conditions, lack of skilled workers or insufficient environmental and safety management procedures.


We offer our clients continuous competent advice on sustainable supply chains originating in overseas destinations. Through continuous improvements processes, we aim at improving working conditions locally which will in turn increase your brand value, and simultaneously improve environmental protection and conditions for the people and stakeholders at the origin of supply chains. We wish to support responsible entrepreneurs catalytically and hope this will have an impact beyond our clients’ production facility, when other companies follow suit and lift standards.

We accompany businesses in developing and implementing CSR concepts as follows:

  • strategically
  • conceptionally, and
  • in the implementation of CSR activities by identifying and coordinating relevant experts and reliable partner organizations in the target counties.

Our values

All consultants at DuniaNet are committed to the Charter of the United Nations. We solely work with companies that ensure the adherence to the core norms of the International Labor Organization ILO in their supplier network. It is seen as a minimal standard to comply with local environmental legislation and labour law in the countries where goods are purchased from. We support countries to meet these standards and go beyond.

We are aware that the working conditions in developing countries and emerging economies leave a lot to be desired, but we choose to support those companies aiming at meeting these challenges, ensuring standards and exceeding them where possible.

We believe every step into the right direction is exactly that: a step in the right direction. Once the direction is correct, the journey must continue.

We are impressed with companies that started a continuous improvement process, regardless if done so in line with relevant DIN or ISO norms, via GRI, SA8000 or BSCI, sector-specific audit protocols or other sustainability reporting instruments or internal improvement systems.

European companies already contribute to a more fair and safe globalization. We must continue along this path.