The use of functional chemicals in the production of goods and in agriculture is reaping a wide range of benefits. Unfortunately, these chemicals are also associated with byproducts and negative side effects on human health and the environment, that needs to be controlled, managed and minimized.

When managing chemicals it is important to simultaneously (i) assure product quality, (ii) protect workers from health hazards and (iii) burden the environment as little as possible. Every country has different standards that need to be adhered to. Compliance with environmental regulations is increasingly enforced in

Companies with critical production processes may face risks such as reputational damage, compensation payments, or loss of suppliers. A sustainable strategy would aim at cost-effective mitigation of these risks.

We provide strategic advice, analytical assessment of the current situation, develop concepts and consult on priority setting and target definition in CSR projects. Prior and during implementation of mitigation measures, our experts identify relevant partner institutions, local experts and specialized firms finding solutions for sub-tasks.

DuniaNet supports the development or implementation of audit protocols for environmental and /or social compliance, status quo documentation and trend analysis. Experts with sector-specific expertise will be identified and effectively involved.

For all the above-mentioned CSR activities, we will  identify - and if so requested - assist in the acquisition of public grant co-financing.