CSR - Success through responsibility.

DuniaNet sustainability experts is a consulting company for sustainable supply chains originating in developing countries and emerging markets. We are a global network of sustainability experts.

We support enterprises in their efforts to increase environmental and social standards in their overseas production, as well as improving occupational safety at the origin of the value chain.

CSR projects integrated in core business activities increases the brand value of our customers.

Our internationally experienced, multilingual and multi-disciplinary Team is supporting you as regards to:

  • application of grant proposals
  • development of CSR strategies;
  • stakeholder dialogues; and
  • project implementation and administration.

In projects with DuniaNet

you remain in the driver’s seat while enjoying effective support. This allows you concentrating on your core business. Dunia means “world” in the Arabic language, as well as in Indonesian, Hindi, Kiswahili, Malay, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Turkish and Urdu.

We joined as a network in 2015, however our senior consultants have on average above 20 years of experience in international project management and some have been working together for years on projects or as colleagues when still working for the United Nations.