Consumers are increasingly sensitized towards working conditions in consumer goods production abroad, and what environmental consequences result from our patterns of consumption.

At the same time, more and more laws and regulations are passed and enforced in the producer countries as regards to social conditions, occupational safety and environmental pollution. Adherence to these rules is increasingly checked when importing goods into the European Union.

Apart from legal obligations, a credible sustainability strategy can become a distinguishing factor on the market. Vice versa, neglecting these corporate responsibilities can quickly turn into a marketing risk for producers and importers, thanks to an ever faster exchange of information in modern electronic media.

It is our recommendation to address these risks with a credible CSR strategy, analyzing current problems and contributing to step by step abatement. DuniaNet supports the necessary process from developing a strategy to designing concrete measures to reach sustainability targets. Parallel to this, we can often mobilize public grant co-financing to allow our clients to have more impact and buffer potential risks. Activities worth co-funding typically are:

  • operational environmental protection;
  • resource- and energy efficiency;
  • occupational safety;
  • social workplace conditions and ILO core labor standards; and 
  • compliance with national legislation in the producer country and for EU import.

Credible CSR is always aiming at eliminating real problems and to lead the way forward. Intervention costs have to fit profit margins and type of product and structure of supply chain. Financial resources need to be applied efficiently and unfold catalytic effects.

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