Concept design

When applying for co-financing with our support, your company remains in the driver’s seat. We capture what you are planning to do and where you intend to address sustainability challenges in your supply chains.

Based on this information, we design and further develop a feasible concept for a grant application. The regional and thematic know-how of our DuniaNet experts is adding additional value in this process.

Following an internal quality assurance process, we provide our clients with a concept paper for suggestions. Our clients’ comments are included in the concept paper and submitted to the donor agency for a first indicative evaluation after clearance by the client.

This procedure relieves our clients and allows them to concentrate on their core business. We take care of producing high quality CSR project concepts which clearly define the overlap of corporate goals and policy objectives of the grant giving institution.

This procedure increases the chances of financial grant support without deviating from company objectives. Consequently, our clients are solely truly interested in improving operational environmental protection, occupational health and safety and social conditions in their overseas suppliers.