Cofinancing grants

Occupational safety, technical skills, energy-efficiency and operational environmental protection in developing countries and emerging markets are important policy objective of the German government and European Union.

Public co-financing is available in all instances, where companies from Germany or other member states of the European Union invest in improving occupational safety, technical skills of workers or operational environmental protection in their overseas supply chains, as long as the framework conditions of the respective funding instruments are met.

Such public co-financing can make the difference for companies considering investing in CSR activities in their value chains and it can help designing the activities with enough detail to ensure lasting positive effects and inspire other companies to follow suit.

DuniaNet is specialized in grant applications for industrial clients with CSR issues in their supply chains. We always start the process by jointly analyzing the current situation. The present challenges of our clients in their overseas production or sales markets influencing their sales.

A typical grant application and project implementation procedure looks as follows:

  1. Joint analysis of present situation and definition of goals and objectives.
  2. Conceptual design of a strategy to reach these goals.
  3. Selection of a suitable, industry-friendly co-financing instrument.
  4. Grant application, i.e. development of all required documents.
  5. Support in implementing the project, particularly in the inception phase.
  6. Support in project administration (financial and substantive reporting).
  7. Effective liaison with the donor institution.

This approach minimizes risk and administrative efforts while optimizing the use of the funding instrument. Our clients remain in the driver’s seat. Call us now or send a message and make an appointment for a first discussion.